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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last day of school
wahlao, i didn't' blog since last year! why? cos now bo heng blogging liao, anything u wanna express out your feeling just shout in FB! XD Alright, but tonight i feel like expressing my feelings over here, coz it's a good memory. So, it's more like a 1day diary to me.. haha Usually my class is at 11.30am(ms beh's class) and i will wake up at 11am (lazy me), bathed and straight to class. After class, go back home and laze. (never change) >.< This morning, i was acting unusual! I woke up at 10am, get ready and even have time for breakfast! XD then, went to class(Strategic Mgt accounting), break time me,loo and py went to subway to tabao(subway Buy 1 Free 1 coupon),bought 3 free 3 for sv,loo,bit,rainie,py and uma.Then loo and i makan @m13 while chit chatting while waiting for loo and rainie. Soon, rainie reached college and kena tarik down to canteen to pei her eat her subway. XD After that, class again(Financial Mgt), then class ends early... which i don't feel like leaving so soon, because, it was the last class. SO, i stayed back for awhile, everyone were so panic about final exam after we know the tips given.So, we had discussion among ourselves, get answers etc... After that, it's time to leave.. Aw... get out from M13 class, carry my heavy black bag that full of files, get my viva and drive home. WHY SO FAST? 3 yrs in PTPL College is like a blink of an eye. Phew~ After spending hrs,days,weeks of battle with thesis, assignments..All are end! AHHHH....INDEED A GOOD EXPERIENCE! =D Now, we have to face the FINAL BATTLE! Final exams on 21 and 22 of MAY 2012. And thats my story, studying my degree course and i'm glad that i made a bunch of good , real good friends! XD Remember those times spend together? Do assignments or revision together, stay back, times at student Centre, library, coffee bean, wong kok, mcd, old town, etc etc! I Do CHERISH! After we graduate, i wish All the best to everyone!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exam Stress emoticons: Just for laughter
New school semester:
user posted image

At the first week:
user posted image

At the second week:
user posted image

Before the mid-term test:

user posted image

During the mid-term test:

user posted image

After the mid-term test:
user posted image

Before the final exam:
user posted image

Once know the final exam schedule:
user posted image

7 days before final exam:
user posted image

6 days before final exam:
user posted image

5 days before final exam:
user posted image

4 days before final exam:
user posted image

3 days before final exam:
user posted image

2 day before final exam:
user posted image

1 day before final exam:
user posted image

A night before final exam:

1 hour before final exam:

During the final exam

Once walk out from the exam hall:

After the final exam, during the holiday:
user posted image

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kim Gary 1st Avenue Penang 30% Discount

It's the Month of March right now, and yet there's this 30% Discount Voucher AGAIN and AGAIN! OMG, i think i'll be afraid of stepping into Kim Gary already as i've been there a few times last month, Feb (having this 30% Discount, attracting customers keep going to 1st Avenue, Penang) and BUSY Lining up the Queue! People rather wait, rather line up because of the 30%! Actually it's worth eating there when there's 30% discount as you saves a lot.

Also, Kim Gary 1st Avenue is giving out Free French Toast vouncher too, I Love French TOast!


Cream soup and Borsch soup

A-mix set meal (chicken steak, pork chop, fried egg, ham and sausages)

Stone grilled seafood rice in japanese style

Norwegian salmon seafood baked rice (sweet corn white sauce, special new zealand cheese)

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Google Story

The Google Story from Nick Scott Studio Ltd. on Vimeo.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Simple Butter Cake Recipe
The Simplest Butter cake u ever try...
Okay, All u got to do is to go to the Store "SIM COMPANY", located at Carnarvon Street, Penang.

This recipe was given by the aunty there.
Get :

My method:

Cream the butter and blend with the Wiener Cake Mix.
Lastly, add the eggs one by one.

Beat until light and fluffy
Preheat Oven 160degrees for 10mins.
Spread left over butter onto your cake tin with tracing paper.

Bake for 45mins (160degrees)

Once done, remember to poke holes using fork.
Wait for a moment for it to chill and it's served!

As simple as that right?
Try Out yourself =)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maybe, perhaps, Will. . . . . .

i Think.....i think...maybe, probably, perhaps......
will... BUY this I gueessssss?????

After so many research and review on Panasonic, Sony, and Canon 's camera.
After switching my mind from dslr to compact to semi and back to compact and to semi and to dslr.
After the influences of the advertisement and so on....
I think i better get ch's advice on Not to choose dslr...so, i go for this one.

coz it's kinda my budget too....don't spend so much $$$, like Handphones, u change every 1-3yrs right? so , hmm... thinking.. thinking...

No matter how great is LX-5, it's off my budget dee, around RM17xx
where as Canon S95 is around RM12xx

See first lah. =)
good night..

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Think before adopting or buying a dog.
Ask yourself :
Does your home can accommodate your dog's environmental needs?
Can u feed em 3 times a day, changes its bowl of water everyday?
Are you willing to clean it's pee and poop, scrub and clean the cage?
Are you willing to shower em at least once a week?
Will you provide love and care?
The Last and Most important one is = Do you have the time?

Imagine you will spend most of your time outside, working, outing, school.
You don't even bother to clean up your room once a week, not even to say everyday.
You don't even bother to sweep the floor, do household chores. (i meant rough cleaning)

How are u going to take care a dog when u can't take care of yourself first?

Okay, i'm talking about myself, i admitted that i neglected him.Thats why he ran out?
Last month, i've lost a 14yrs old beautiful and obedient dog, Brown.

The incident happened when Ahem... someone opened the door and din't close it. Half an hour later, only realized he was GONE!

( i've no idea what to do with u LITTLE KID that cries all the time)

And Now, here comes a new stray puppy, which i don't quite had a good feeling of em. Just do what i can do. A friend of sis rescued this puppy by the roadside, oh well, He will Never ever replaces Brown. i know, i know that Brown will never come back, even though how many hard work i've done, printed around 80copies of posters and sticking posters around neighbourhood, cycle everywhere and i get no results. I've even went to SPCA, and Jabatan haiwan to look for stray dogs that were caught.

I miss Brown very much, i always get to see him when i come back home, see him wagging his tail happily to see me back,sometimes jump on me, sleeps by the side door every night watching me playing computer, and see him guarding the house all the time when i open the front door.

He also likes to sneak in the house whenever it rains, he's afraid of being cold outside, but we still gota chase him to sleep outside. He never keep us worry, he pee and poop outside in the garden so there's no cleaning work to be done. Sometimes, he do barks at night, disturb the neighbors but now, i can't even hear him barking anymore, can't even sees him, can't even touch his golden fur,can't even sweep his fur outside also.
Actually, i gave him less care and love coz I spent less time with him , only fed him in the morning before i go out, and after i come back at night. He spent most of his time alone at home, with full of loneliness. Sometimes, i even forgets to shower him, until like 1month, he never get stink though.
I remembered i brought him out before for a walk, but that was very long time ago and i think he never been out for nearly a year, thats why he ran away from home?

Haih, last time when he ran out, he will be back home at the same night.
Now, he never came back, and the night he ran away it was raining heavily.
An old 14yrs old dog is abit weak to sense his direction, i know u are lost out there, but where are u? and i should have let u wear your collar, i took away your collar because it feels uncomfortable that something is tying u. I'm afraid that you will be caught or unable to survive out there. Sobs. I hope you are safe out there, i hope someone has adopted you and gave u a shelter, and i hope you will come back home one day. I hope, i hope, there will be a miracle.

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